I started to do light painting three weeks ago. The results I got with long exposure photography were amazing. In the photos below there are a lot of interesting textures, shadows, highlights that made each composition unique. Dave Black, a famous photographer said “If you want a picture to look interestingonly light part of it” and Capture the Atlas is a great example of that.

A night scape of a river and some trees with the milky way as a background sky. Long Exposure Photography.

Long Exposure Landscape

This is a beautiful Landscape I took a picture of by Island Park, Idaho. This was actually really tricky. Also, before I had to go outside and do the long exposure shot, I had to lock my focus in a bright environment, because to get these results you need complete darkness. In addition, you also need a super slow shutter speed, I set my camera at 25 seconds with an aperture of 2.8, and the maximum ISO my camera had was 6400.

Blue Hour Photography

For this shot, we waited around 20 to 30 minutes past sunset. It was considerably dark, perfect for a long exposure light painting. I angled my camera to catch part of the sky and most of the bridge and river. Another person was parallel to the bridge with a flashlight to light paint while the lens of the camera was still open.

The following images are just more examples of long-exposure photography. The old car was light painted with an LED light and the was painted with light tubes.

Blue hour light painting of a wooden bridge in the river. Long exposure Photography

Old Car Light Painting

Old yellow car, with broken windshield and a person modeling in front of the car. Long exposure photography

Light Tubes Long Exposure

A ballerina in the middle surrounded by a circle painted in with light tubes. This is the result of long exposure photography

Inside light paintings

USA flag with car on top. Inside Light Painting.
Football on black background.  Inside Light Painting.
Vegetables, scale, things from market place. Inside Light Painting.
Elf house.  Inside Light Painting.